Battery Extender for Bering Optics Scopes

Battery Extender for Bering Optics Scopes

Posted by Daniel Goodwin on 25th Jan 2022

To properly protect your device please ensure you follow the steps listed below

When you install the extender on your scope, ensure the cord loop is facing the bottom of the scope (string hole down).

It is your RESPONSIBILITY to install the new string provided in the kit and cut it to the proper length in order to prevent the cap from being installed incorrectly (backwards). We have included a piece of wire to assist string installation. You may have to melt the ends of the string in order to get it through the hole in the cap.

Improper installation of the cap can result in damage to the scope

Always pay attention to the direction you install the batteries. The newer extenders have stickers in them to tell you what direction to install them. Make sure you installed the extender the right direction (string hole down) or the labels will be wrong. The older extenders do not have the stickers. The correct battery orientation is, TOP battery with positive post facing out (top of scope), BOTTOM battery will have the negative side (flat side) facing out (bottom of scope).


O-Ring is not needed with this version of the extender. 



If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us!