Iray Bolt Battery Extender

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Battery extender for the iRay Bolt line of scopes. This extender lets you run an 18650 battery vs the normal 18500. 18650 batteries let you get more than double the capacity of an 18500 battery so you will see an increase in run times. 


While the bolt has an amazing internal battery, pairing it with an 18650 battery will give you much better run time. 18650 batteries are also much more common and cheaper than the 18500. this allows you to find them in more places and save some money while getting more capacity at the same time.


The extender is made from lightweight aluminum. 

Powder coated with black to match the color of the scope and ensure your target does not see it in the middle of the night

whats in the package?

1 Apex3D battery extender for the iray Bolt line of scopes. (fits all bolt models)

1 Optional throw lever

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