ABL Bolt gun relocation

Posted by Bold Commerce Collaborator on 1st Mar 2020

Having trouble with the bolt gun relocation kit?

I have heard that I am sending the wrong bolts because they won’t reach all the way through to grab the nuts.

So just leave the backing ring off and insert the nut through like in the pics below. Use the provided Allen wrench to “pull” the nuts into the main body. Make sure they match the orientation of the hole or you’re going to struggle. Run it down until it’s tight and then remove the bolt. Do this for all 4 holes.

Yes I know the holes are slightly smaller than the nuts and they’re slightly tight. This is intentional. It’s so that the nuts don’t fall out while you’re trying to assemble the unit.

Once you gave all 4 done you can install it on your scope. When tightening the bolts, us a “X” pattern to tighten them evenly and then attach your ATN ABL to the mount and you’re ready to go.

If you find the laser is WAY off then you might have tightened a bolt more than one of the others. Loosen and RE-tighten them properly.

If you have any questions you’re more than welcome to message us.